About the Award

CCIS Awards for the best innovations at national level represent the highest national recognition of innovative achievements and thus promotes innovation in Slovenia and abroad. Every year, in cooperation with regional chambers, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia announces a competition for top innovations by Slovenian companies and rewards only the best. The history of the awards dates back to 1997, when Zasavje Regional Chamber decided to support innovative individuals and companies. On the 23rd of January they held the first award ceremony for best innovations. The recognition of best innovations in the region initially expanded to other regions, and in 2002 gained national significance. All regional chambers joined the project. The national event is now a selection of the best innovations among the awarded innovation at region level.

This year we celebrate 23 years of awards at regional level and 17 years at national level. In the past 16 years, over 9.150 innovators received the award. At national level, 134 golden awards were awarded and in the last two years two special prizes were given to start-ups. The significance of the award is recognized in Slovenia and abroad.

Innovations submitted by innovators to regional tenders are assessed by regional commissions taking into account the problem description and its solution, the scope innovation scope, description in the field of innovation, patent options, innovation team, users, market, financial and sustainable effects. In accordance with the assessment methodology, the regional commission gives various awards and proposes at least three best-rated innovations for the national award. The selection of best innovations from all 13 regions is assessed by the national commission.